So why ‘Gin’?


That’s in almost everyone’s mind…  No, it’s not the drink…  The founder and artistic director Shu-Chen’s real translation for her name is Shu-Gin… In 1994, she immigrated to the U.S. to pursue her dance dreams.  There was a little mistake in her paper work… Just a little one… translating her name incorrectly… At the time, in a new country with poor language skills, Shu-Chen didn’t want to go through any trouble to correct it.  As time went by, she started to like how her new American friends pronounced her name.  So she decided to keep the name “Shu-Chen”.  When forming her Dance Company, Shu-Chen decided it was time to bring “Gin” back into her life.

The name “Gin” 真 was given by her Father.  It means “real”, “truthful”, and “sincere” … These have been driving principals in her life.  Her Father instilled in her the belief that anything and everything is possible.  She created Gin Dance Company as a testament to her Father’s teachings.  At Gin Dance Company, Shu-Chen is using her passion and love of dance to create a well rounded, wide ranging performing arts company that conveys to audiences and dancers alike, that anything and everything is possible.

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